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J. Kent Erickson

J.. Kent Erickson

After many years as a store manager and buyer, J. Kent Erickson began designing clothing under his own name and founded J. Kent Ltd. Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers. As one of America’s premier custom tailoring firms, J. Kent Ltd. brings a return to elegance absent since the 1930’s.

Kent has achieved a full measure of success, earning a reputation for award-winning designs and an unparalleled commitment of service to his clients. He brings his knowledge and talents to a solid clientele of distinguished gentlemen and ladies and expands his business almost exclusively through referrals from satisfied clients.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from Boise State University, Kent trained in New York and earned the prestigious Custom Clothier and Wardrobe Consultant designation. Combining his extensive knowledge of clothing with enthusiasm and a zest for life, Kent routinely conducts business wardrobe seminars for sales organizations, corporations and universities.

Numerous articles feature Kent in such national publications as Made to Measure, The Menswear Retailers of America, and the The Custom Tailor. He is the Author of Interviewing in Style-J. Kent Ltd.’s Guide to Advantage Wardrobing. Kent also edits and publishes a Style Guide to keep his clients informed on style and fashion.

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