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Jackets & Trousers

Jackets & Trousers

The J. Kent Ltd. Collection addresses the needs of the successful gentleman’s multifaceted lifestyle. With business relationships that extend beyond the traditional workday, he requires apparel and accessories that project a relaxed, yet professional and appropriate image.

Designed for sophisticated fun in more leisurely pursuits, this collection of outstanding custom jackets, complimentary trousers and tailored sport shirts are a tasteful approach. Fashion and Function are accomplished in dynamic weekend wear from the J. Kent Ltd. Collection.

Custom Shirts

Individual Expression in Fine Custom Tailored Dress Shirts

Furnishings from the J. Kent Ltd. Collection allow for a tasteful expression of personal style. Crisp and smart in appearance, J. Kent Ltd. custom tailored dress shirts reveal the qualities of its wearer. Finely tailored for the discriminating man, custom dress shirts feature single-needle stitching and button-through sleeve plackets. Custom shirt collars are built up and carefully constructed for a neat presentation, in wide spread, tab or point styles.

As fashionable as they are comfortable, J. Kent Ltd. custom tailored dress shirts are available in a selection of patterns including traditional Bengal and club stripes, and fashion stripes with surface jacquards. Custom shirts are made using the finest fabrics, including Emenigilido Zegna, Loro Piano, Thomas Mason, and Sea Island cotton. A variety of classic and subdued colorations based on the traditional menswear palette are designed to compliment J. Kent Ltd. custom dress suits.

Evening Wear

Evening Wear

Fine Custom Tuxedos and Formal Evening Wear

A celebratory toast to a new acquisition, an evening of entertaining a key client, an important industry function-whatever the occasion, business dressing takes on heightened importance at formal events. Classic designs, excellent quality and, of course, the distinctive J. Kent Ltd. name in custom tuxedos and formal evening wear assure the business professional that he will feel as confident in the ballroom as he does in the boardroom.

From sophisticated custom tailored tuxedos and tuxedo shirts to traditional dress watches and fine silk scarves, every element of J. Kent Ltd. formal wear complements this prestigious universe. Sleek, masculine cufflinks range from playful designs to a more formal look in jet onyx. Bow ties and cummerbunds in pure silk complete the J. Kent Ltd. formal evening wear wardrobe and add the finishing touches of formal elegance.

Top Coats

The truth of the matter is that an elegant topcoat is just as much an integral part of a man’s wardrobe as his every day suits, his blazer and tuxedo. The long and short of it is that a trench coat just doesn’t do it. It can never set the tone or provide the warmth of a topcoat. Nor should a trench coat replace a topcoat even in warmer climates.

With the frequency of intercity and intercontinental travel, a man going from a warm climate to a cold one says a lot more about himself and his priorities if he is armed with a topcoat.



Distinguished neckties are, at J. Kent Ltd., considered the most important accessory element in a gentleman’s wardrobe. A tie is never relegated to the status of a mere afterthought, but hold prominence as the final touch. A tie is, after all, the focal point of the whole ensemble. It is often the single most expressive ingredient in the overall portrait of a gentleman, because ultimately the selection of the right tie is the most personal choice a man makes.

J. Kent Ltd. signature neckwear is crafted of pure silk, most of English and Italian origin, and finished by hand. Brilliant color and intricate pattern work distinguish these unique ties. The creative European influence is unmistakable in every neckwear design. J Kent Ltd. ties impart an understated elegance to every outfit and are the signature style statement of the elegant gentleman.

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