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Caring for Fine Footwear

Like man’s best friend, if you love your shoes and take good care of them, you’ll be repaid with years of loyal service.  There’s a huge return on a gentleman’s investment in acquiring and caring for a few pair of fine footwear.  While they may not last a lifetime, with proper care and routine maintenance you can log substantial miles and years in a good pair of shoes. Pointers for extending the life of your loafers or beefing up the performance of your brogues: Invest in the best footwear you can afford, and re-sole and re-heel them as necessary, just like routine maintenance on your automobile.  Regular tune-ups and even re-crafting over time will restore and extend the youthful vigor of your favorite shoes.  Acquire and wear the right shoes for each occasion. Always rotate your shoes, allowing at least a day of rest between wearings.   Let them rest on a good pair...

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