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Three signs of a Gentleman

Many people have compiled lists of the signs that distinguish a gentleman. Some lists include useful concepts, while others simply contain the author's personal preferences. We have found that there are three essential qualities that show a man to be a true gentleman-no matter what his individual style preferences may be. Mindfulness: He is considerate of others' needs. Without letting others have their own way at his expense, he shows chivalry and courtesy to his fellow beings. In business situations, he actively thinks of how best to accommodate everyone's goals and create win-win situations. Dignity: He maintains his good manners even in difficult situations. He learns how to maintain his aplomb when others can't, and is never boorish in social situations. Impeccably dressed: His attire demonstrates self-confidence and an understanding of his own value in society. By choosing to wear high-quality clothing that fits him perfectly and lasts for years, he shows that...

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Where to the best fabrics come from?

I received this question from a reader: Where do the best fabrics come from? This is what I shared with them: Traditionally, the fabrics made in Italy are known for their quality in raw materials and workmanship. We carry many of these select Italian fabrics. We also carry fabrics made in England and other locations devoted to quality textile construction—each has been chosen to join our fabric selection based on quality of threads, dyes, and weave. High-quality fabrics last longer and wear better than those made to lower standards. Off-the-rack clothing is often designed to be worn for a year or two at most, so quality isn’t always paramount to the makers. We insist on first-class fabrics to ensure your custom clothing is wearable for years to come.  ...

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