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Creative Coat Linings vs. Traditional Coat Linings

I received this question from a reader: Every once in a while, I catch a glimpse of a coat lining that’s bright and flashy instead of the traditional solid gray, brown, navy, etc. What do you recommend I line my next coat with? This is what I shared with them: Your coat’s lining doesn’t show often, but it does make an appearance now and then. That gives you a wonderful opportunity for an expression of your own personal style. You can certainly go with a traditional lining fabric—but if you prefer something bold (or even outrageous), we’re here to help! Our extensive fabric supply gives you access to lining fabrics that create a bold statement with a contrasting color, or add elegance with coordinating stripes or prints. The myriad possibilities include novelty prints, hobby- or sports-based prints, paisleys, jacquard weaves, and more....

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