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Corduroy: Traditional yet Modern

Corduroy fabric began as the English gentleman’s country attire. It had a similar feel as velvet, but was traditionally made of cotton or cotton blends instead of the silk that went into velvet. It’s a durable, long-lasting fabric, rich with history, that’s still useful today. When you’re looking for a fresh piece in your wardrobe that still feels and looks traditional, try a custom corduroy jacket or trousers. We will ensure that they fit as comfortably as your custom suits, and you can enjoy them on occasions that don’t call for a suit. Corduroy is a great option for cooler weather and your seasonal wardrobe. Most corduroys are made in tan colors, but don’t overlook the fresh look of gray or a rich chocolate brown corduroy. Scarlet, green, or plum corduroys can make beautiful accent pieces. Typically choose fabrics with closer-set wales (ridges) for jackets and farther-set wales for trousers. Corduroy sport coats...

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Dressing Up The Tweed Sport Coat

Tweeds hail from the leisure traditions of the English countryside, and offer you a more relaxed look than your workday suit—but that doesn’t mean your tailored tweed sport coat can’t look fantastic. Tweeds are a perfect bridge between dressy and casual options in your wardrobe: it’s all in the pairings you create. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Consider adding a light-gauge sweater under the jacket. A vest offers another great opportunity to add a splash of color without overwhelming the eye. If you’re looking for a lighter option, skip the sweater or vest, and bring in one of your more casual ties. A tweed sport coat looks great over a checked shirt with a plaid tie. Don’t forget to accessorize—a pocket square can work with a tweed jacket. Be sure to choose colors for your square that work well with the jacket. Matte fabrics will often harmonize better with...

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