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Products come and go in this age of innovation, but a few men's essentials have stood the test of time to become timeless classics. Here are a few old-fashioned items worth owning in the digital age. A clothes brush: Your suit coats will last longer when the dust and lint are removed regularly. Braces (suspenders): Fitted properly, braces comfortably replace the belt's cinching strain on the waistband. Wood hangers: High-quality hangers that are shaped to mimic your shoulders support the drape of your coats. Custom-tailored clothing: Throughout history, the nobility, political leaders, and even movie stars have tailored their clothing to support their identity and standing in the world. Bow ties: If you're on the formal side, keep one black and one white on hand for formal occasions. Pocket squares: An elegant splash of silk or linen in the breast pocket adds instant panache to an ensemble. ...

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Vacation Essentials: Clothing

I received this question from a reader: What essentials do you recommend packing for vacations? This is what I shared with them: When you’re heading out for a vacation, it’s easy to over-pack as you try to anticipate every possible weather condition or activity. Instead of trying to fit everything you might possibly need into your carry-on bag, consider this list of a few travel vacation essentials that can help you keep comfortable in unexpected situations. Even if you’re going to a warm climate, bring a light sweater in case of a change in weather. Bring a blazer for evening breeze protection (if you’re wearing the sweater, you can gallantly offer the blazer to your travel companion). Pack at least one dress shirt for evenings out. Bring dark jeans and comfortable shoes (that aren’t sandals). And of course, bring your sunglasses....

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