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Suit Coats & Vest Lapels

I received this question from a reader: Can I wear a vest with lapels under my suit coat? This is what I shared with them: The beauty of custom clothing is being able to create your individual look—and that includes vest lapels under your suit coat. Be sure that the extra thickness of the lapels does not look overly bulky with your coat on. Remember that, with custom clothing, you always have options. You may save the vest with lapels for days that you’ll be going coatless for much of the time. If you’re unsure what look you prefer, please give us a call so we can work together to create a fantastic signature look for you....

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Peaked Lapels are at the Peak

Many business suits feature a notched lapel, conveying a dependable functionality. But when you’re looking for something a little dressier, let your lapels climb to the peak. Wearing an elegant coat with peaked lapels is suitable for most business needs, but this isn’t the suit coat that doubles as a sport coat. Don’t pair peaked lapels (including double-breasted coats) with jeans and a T-shirt–keep the power suit powerful. For an added measure of dressiness, pair the peak lapel suit with a coordinating vest. Overcoats may also be made with peaked lapels, creating an even stronger combination of elegance....

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