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All About Stripes

Stripes can be a great way to bring interest into an outfit—as long as the stripes are chosen with care. To incorporate stripes into an ensemble that that works for you, consider the following points: Vertical for business. Rugby and polo shirts often use horizontal stripes, but in business clothing, vertical stripes are more appropriate. Thin is in. While not all stripes need be pinstripe width, choosing thin stripes over thick, blocky stripes will generally look more refined. Variation works. Your stripes need not be uniform in either color or width. A shirt or tie with a variety of multi-width and multi-colored stripes can be quite pleasing to the eye. Combinations matter. If you’re creating an attention-drawing outfit, colors that sit opposite each other on a color wheel are highly effective. If you’re crafting an elegant business ensemble, your colors should be closer to each other on the wheel. Subtlety in a pin. Your pinstriped...

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Building Your Power Suit

Looking for those essential suit details that create a strong, professional impression? Here’s how to build the basics of a power suit. Combine these components when you want a suit that creates an image of strength every time you wear it. Start with dark, traditional fabric in navy or gray. Add chalk stripes or pinstripes to the weave. For a personalized touch, consider peak lapels over notched lapels, and make sure the shoulders are strong and perfectly placed. Many power suits successfully use two-button or three-button coats, but you may want to consider a double-breasted coat. A vest also reinforces the strength of the image. A double-breasted coat with a vest underneath may not be appropriate for every occasion, but the combination is undeniable in its impact. Once you’ve chosen the basics, turn your attention to the cut of the suit. The fit is of utmost importance—no one looks powerful in poorly fitting...

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