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How can I make my leather shoes last longer?

I received this question from a reader: How can I make my leather shoes last longer? This is what I shared with them: Store them on shoe trees. This prevents permanent creasing or cracking where they bend as you walk and prevents curling in the toe of the shoe. Aromatic cedar shoe trees help shoes retain their shape while removing moisture and odor from shoes. Let them rest for a day between each wearing, to dry out from natural foot perspiration. Use a shoehorn when putting them on and untie the laces when removing them, to avoid damaging the back of the shoe. Protect your shoes from the elements with conditioners and a good polish. After a rain, let shoes dry in a warm place away from direct heat, either on shoe trees or stuffed with paper towels....

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Best Way to Shine Shoes

I received this question from a reader: What's the best way to shine shoes? This is what I shared with them: Start by removing dirt and old polish with shoe cream or cleaning fluid. Remember to scrape out the hard-to-reach spots with a soft toothbrush or a nailbrush. Next, apply a leather conditioner to moisturize the leather, then use a rag to rub in a layer or two of wax. Choose a wax or cream polish that matches your shoes or let the natural tint shine through by using a neutral-colored one. Polish the wax with a brush, then follow with a damp rag for a beautiful "spit shine" look. Between polishes, rub your shoes gently with a clean cloth or brush to maintain the shine....

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Caring for Fine Footwear

Like man’s best friend, if you love your shoes and take good care of them, you’ll be repaid with years of loyal service.  There’s a huge return on a gentleman’s investment in acquiring and caring for a few pair of fine footwear.  While they may not last a lifetime, with proper care and routine maintenance you can log substantial miles and years in a good pair of shoes. Pointers for extending the life of your loafers or beefing up the performance of your brogues: Invest in the best footwear you can afford, and re-sole and re-heel them as necessary, just like routine maintenance on your automobile.  Regular tune-ups and even re-crafting over time will restore and extend the youthful vigor of your favorite shoes.  Acquire and wear the right shoes for each occasion. Always rotate your shoes, allowing at least a day of rest between wearings.   Let them rest on a good pair...

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