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Is it okay to roll up my shirt sleeves?

I received this question from a reader: Is it okay to roll up my shirt sleeves? This is what I shared with them: Rolling up your sleeves keeps the cuffs clean when you’re eating or washing your hands. It’s also a great way to dress down an outfit when going from an office atmosphere to after-hours social engagements. However, there’s definitely an art to it. Here are a few tips on how to roll up your sleeves yet keep your shirt looking great. It’s best to fold sleeves—don’t roll them. Make sure both sides end up even in length, and don’t roll sleeves up past your elbows. Unroll them as soon as possible to avoid excessive wrinkles. Don’t roll up sleeves when in important business meetings, when you need to look as polished as possible. Sleeves should also be worn down to the wrist when wearing a coat or vest, as well as when dressed...

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Custom Tailoring Provides Solutions To Sleeve Length Dilemma

Sports injuries. Medical issues. Unequal muscular development in athletes. All of these can lead to a person’s arms being of different lengths. It’s a fairly common problem that most people never think about—until they find that they can’t find shirts that work. Either one sleeve is always hiding inside their coat sleeve while the other extends to the wrist, or one sleeve is bunched up at the wrist while the other sits naturally. Even though the sleeves are the same length, they look uneven when worn, if your arm lengths are not identical. Off-the-rack clothing is not designed to address this problem, leaving many gentlemen frustrated and unable to create a balanced look every day. Fortunately, the solution is easy—custom tailored clothing. The custom shirts and coats we design and build exclusively for you will fit you perfectly. We take far more measurements than a seamstress or alterations person in a clothing...

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