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Summer Ensembles

Many men use warmer weather as an excuse to relax their dress standards. Set yourself above the pack by choosing summer-appropriate clothing that’s comfortable in the heat yet maintains your style. Here are a few options to consider as you create your summer ensemble. Summer suit basics: Light-colored fabrics will deflect more of the sun’s heat and light. Lightweight fabrics, including seersucker, high-quality tropical-weight wool, or linen, allow greater air movement than densely woven fabrics. Consider unlined (or partially lined) coats and jackets for summer use. Minimizing the thickness of your coat allows you to keep your cool without losing your style. Summer shoes: Lightweight suedes, slip-ons, boat shoes, or even canvas shoes can be great options for elegance during warmer weather. Avoid wearing athletic shoes unless you’re performing athletic exercises. Summer socks: Your socks protect your feet from chafing and reduce odors, so don’t skip them. If you prefer the sockless look,...

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Lighter Shades Liven Spring Fashion

Whether you’re a flag waving fan of the eco-friendly movement or not, you can confidently endorse a sign of the times by going green this spring in a fresh assortment of custom shirts with fresh accents of green grass, moss and even lime. We anticipate spring fashion to be down-to-earth this season rather than explosive. Some notable trends to watch for include light clothing-in both weight and color, and a bit of shimmer and shine. Colors for spring tailored clothing are subtle and discreet. While lightness of color is of course, mandated by the season, it is a refreshing change of pace from dark navy and black suits. Enjoy the rebirth of lighter shades of silvery gray and dusty neutral tones. Such colors are prevalent in both suiting and European inspired sport jackets....

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