Ties For Spread Collars

Ties For Spread Collars

Ties for Spread CollarsMany gentlemen prefer to wear spread collars on their dress shirts. The wide angles of a spread collar can create a masterful, mature look. However, because of its width, a spread collar also creates a wide space at your neck, leaving some ties looking insufficient. You can create pleasing proportions through your choice of fabric and knot.

Choosing a thicker fabric will help your tie take up more space. A wider tie will also help add bulk to the knot. The knot itself should likewise be substantial, so try a Windsor or half-Windsor knot rather than the more common four-in-hand. The wider, fuller symmetrical knot more perfectly fills the space of a spread collar with well-proportioned harmony.

When well balanced with an appropriate tie, a spread collar creates a strong, confident look like no other.

J Kent Erickson
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