Your Need-to-Know Necktie Refresher

Your Need-to-Know Necktie Refresher

This season is a great time to review some essentials of style for your tie. We’re happy to share with you a few fun basics on ties compiled by

Q: How long should my tie be?

A: The tip of your tie should reach the middle of your belt. This keeps your shirt from showing through when your coat is slightly open.

Q: Why (and how) should I create a dimple in my tie?

A: The dimple ensures your tie knot looks crisp and sharp. When tying the knot, make sure it’s tight—that will keep your dimple in place all day long.

Q: What’s the purpose of creating lift in my tie?

A: A tie that lies flat looks, well, flat. Bring an impression of energy and depth by creating lift. Use a tie bar to secure your tie to the shirt between third and fourth buttons. Be sure to pull the tie up a bit before closing the bar.

Q: What ties are currently in style?

A: This season, wools are making a strong showing with business-appropriate colors and patterns, along with traditional silks. Muted or deep colors are, as always, especially appropriate during the winter months.

J Kent Erickson
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