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Choosing Belts: Four Classic Belt Styles

Pairing a belt with clothing can be a tricky business: you want it to look perfect with today's outfit, and yet coordinate with several outfits. Each type of belt has its own built-in style. Here are five classic belt styles for different looks. Canvas- With its relaxed look, the canvas belt works well with casual-wear such as chinos or corduroys. Tans and browns work best with khaki slacks, while darker belts look best over darker trousers. Plaited- While dressier than a canvas belt, plaited leather belts are still on the relaxed end. Wear them with a sport jacket and trousers, or with your more casual suits. Black leather- A black belt with a brass or silver buckle is a perennial favorite for good reason: it can be worn any time you're wearing black shoes, whether you're wearing a fine suit or trousers without a coat. Brown leather- Brown leather belts...

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