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The Guide to Cufflinks

The T-bar is the most widely available type of cufflink. The hinged bar swings shut to let you push it through a buttonhole and then opens to keep the cufflink in place. It easy to put on and take off, and comes with just about any decoration imaginable. However, the decoration is only on one end of the cufflink, dressing only one side of your cuff. The fixed bar gives a decorative element on both ends of the cufflink, so your cufflink is dressy from any viewing angle. Because there are no moving parts, fixed bar cufflinks tend to be quite long lasting. Hold the larger end and press the smaller end through each buttonhole. The chain cufflink has two decorative elements connected by a chain instead of a solid bar. Grasp the smaller end and press it through each set of buttonholes one at a time. Once through, simply rotate it...

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The Secret Power of Cufflinks

Many people save their cufflinks for only formal occasions, but if you do that, you’re missing an opportunity to put them to work for you in a variety of situations. Cufflinks are a “hidden” tool you can use to send the right message to those around you. Cufflinks, whether subtle or stand-out, give visual emphasis to every handshake. Whenever you’re looking to make a great impression—at a sales presentation, team meeting, or dinner party—wear cufflinks. These small accessories immediately bring a sense of power and elegance to your ensemble with minimum effort. The wise wear cufflinks to demonstrates mastery over all the elements of their ensemble....

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How to Choose Cuff Links

I received this question from a reader: How do I choose cuff links? This is what I shared with them: There are several good approaches to choosing cuff links. You may want to wear cuff links that carry personal meaning, such as an heirloom set or gift from a loved one. Your cuff links can also show support of a group you value, such as your political affiliation, your alma mater, or a philanthropic cause you support. Or, you may choose cuff links as a tribute to your culture or geographical region. Ideally, the best cuff links have visual appeal on both sides, instead of having one decorative side and one plain side. However, a fantastic design may be worth having a standard swivel on the back side....

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