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Where Do The Best Fabrics Come From?

I received this question from a reader: Where do the best fabrics come from? This is what I shared with them: Traditionally, the fabrics made in Italy are known for their quality in raw materials and workmanship. We carry many of these select Italian fabrics. We also carry fabrics made in England and other locations devoted to quality textile construction—each has been chosen to join our fabric selection based on quality of threads, dyes, and weave. High-quality fabrics last longer and wear better than those made to lower standards. Off-the-rack clothing is often designed to be worn for a year or two at most, so quality isn’t always paramount to the makers. We insist on first-class fabrics to ensure your custom clothing is wearable for years to come....

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Pitti Uomo Spring 2014 Lineup

We took a sneak peek at the reports from the Pitti Uomo trade show’s Spring 2014 lineup in Florence, Italy, and found a few trends that deserve a look. Spring themes are nostalgic this year, with multiple references to turn-of-the-century (19th century, that is) ideas of outdoor adventure, including classic items reminiscent of African safari-wear. Fabric choices are mixing, with linens being paired with more casual fabrics for an air of comfortable elegance. Seasonal colors to watch are those based on natural—but brilliant—hues this season, including lush, verdant greens and deep-water blues with fiery red accents....

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