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What’s the best thing to carry my work things around?

I received this question from a reader: I’ve always used a backpack, but I want to up my game a bit. What’s the best thing to carry my work things around? This is what I shared with them: When you are ready to move beyond the backpack, you’ve got several good options for a classy carry-all. The traditional leather briefcase is all-business and makes an elegant statement about your professionalism. If you want a slimmer profile, try a portfolio case that safely zips your most important items inside. For hands-free comfort, go with a sturdy cross-body satchel bag, made of either leather or canvas. Whichever carry-all you choose, make sure it’s ruggedly built, including the hardware, for long-lasting durability....

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Carrying Your Work

Whether you're transporting a pile of papers, packing a laptop, or just carrying a few odds and ends that don't fit in a pocket, you'll want to find the style of carrying case that fits your needs. Briefcases: Nothing says enduring, traditional quality like a fine leather briefcase. Look for well-built hardware and a perfect fit between the case and lid. Portfolios: If you need to bring only a few papers or a thin computer, a thin portfolio-type case may work well. Choose one with a sturdy zipper or strap Satchels: For hands-free convenience, consider a satchel bag. Make sure it's rigid enough to hold its shape, or it may end up looking awkward and bulky....

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