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Trimming Your Figure with Custom Clothing

Certainly, those on the thin side can wear slim-cut suits—but what about the rest of us? Many people believe that a larger figure needs a roomy suit in order to be comfortable. You might be surprised to discover that, in reality, the opposite is true: having excess fabric in your suit can make it less comfortable. Gentlemen with a more mature figure can wear slim-cut suits—if the suit is perfectly tailored. When your clothing is made from exactly the amount of fabric you need and cut exactly for how you move, it develops a degree of comfort and mobility that a lesser suit cannot duplicate. By adjusting the dimensions of the chest and skirt areas of the suit coat, we can create a slimming look without a tight, uncomfortable fit. Even a change of one-quarter inch, if taken in just the right places, can make a big difference in look and comfort. In...

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Suit Selection: Fitting Your Form

Mass-made clothing is, of necessity, sized for the masses. Dimensions are reduced to the most likely measurements and produced accordingly. While mass-made clothing may fit the greatest number of people, it can create an unappealing presentation for those without an "average" build. Rather than attempt to fit themselves into the average suit, those on the extremes of either height or girth, like anyone who wants options in their personal wardrobes, are best served by custom-fit clothing. Follow these suit-selection tips according to your build: For the taller gentleman, double-breasted suits add needed width, balancing out height. The same is true of pleats and cuffs on trousers. Paired with a high-quality cotton dress shirt with a small pattern and a striped tie, the ensemble makes height an asset rather than an inconvenience when sizing clothing. Those blessed more with girth than height may find a single-breasted suit to be a better choice. This slims...

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