Trimming Your Figure with Custom Clothing

Trimming Your Figure with Custom Clothing

Certainly, those on the thin side can wear slim-cut suits—but what about the rest of us? Many people believe that a larger figure needs a roomy suit in order to be comfortable. You might be surprised to discover that, in reality, the opposite is true: having excess fabric in your suit can make it less comfortable.

Gentlemen with a more mature figure can wear slim-cut suits—if the suit is perfectly tailored. When your clothing is made from exactly the amount of fabric you need and cut exactly for how you move, it develops a degree of comfort and mobility that a lesser suit cannot duplicate.

By adjusting the dimensions of the chest and skirt areas of the suit coat, we can create a slimming look without a tight, uncomfortable fit. Even a change of one-quarter inch, if taken in just the right places, can make a big difference in look and comfort.

In fact, with proper tailoring choices, your custom suit will give you a slimmer appearance along with increasing your comfort.

Leave behind the days of wearing loose suits with excess fabric bunching up and restricting your movements. As your custom clothier, we are pleased to craft for you the most comfortable suits you’ve ever owned.

J Kent Erickson
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