Pocket Squares: Silk or Cotton?

Pocket Squares: Silk or Cotton?

The type of fabric used to create your pocket squares determines the weight, dressiness, and appropriate folding methods.

silk pocket square adds color without weight. The lightweight, flexible fabric is more difficult to fold-but looks fantastic when simply gathered into a “puff” and slipped into the pocket. Silk also has a glossy sheen that is your best choice in formal occasions, as it’s inherently dressier than cotton.

cotton pocket square is matte rather than shiny, making it eminently suitable for everyday businesswear and summer suits. Cotton’s relative stiffness makes it easy to fold and achieve crisp edges if desired.

Rather than limiting yourself to pocket squares made of only one of these fabrics, we suggest you collect several cotton and several silk, so that you can be prepared with the perfect square for any occasion.

J Kent Erickson
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