Help Your Wardrobe Tell Your Story

Help Your Wardrobe Tell Your Story

Your appearance tells a story. We’re here to help it tell the right story for you.

The three most important aspects of your story are:

  1. What social or hierarchal group you belong to
  2. Where you fit within that group
  3. What your individuality is

As your custom clothier, we work with you to ensure that your story to others (and yourself) is that you belong to the “group” we might call high-level business professionals, that your place in that group is at the top, and that your individuality is confident and capable. When you tell that story effectively, others sense intuitively that you have discipline, power, self-respect, and confidence.

Your clothing shapes people’s views of where you stand on social ladders, your power—even your intelligence. When you’re well-dressed, people are more likely to assume you’re competent, in charge, and an authority, because you project that image.

Dressing well shapes how people think about you—for the better. Your appearance also shapes how you think about yourself. That’s why telling the right story through your clothing actually increases confidence.

Because you can choose every detail of each ensemble, custom clothing helps you create a wardrobe that tells exactly the story you desire.

J Kent Erickson
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