Spring and Summer Trends for 2018

Spring and Summer Trends for 2018

Many designers of ready-to-wear are focusing on “street style” rather than the need for professionalism in menswear. While many of their fashion choices will be inappropriate for business attire, there are several spring and summer trends for 2018 that you can enjoy without sacrificing true style:

  • Hawaiian prints: Great for a tie or pocket square.
  • Roomier trousers: Skinny-cut suit trousers are becoming less prolific.
  • Squared-off shoulders: Suit coats are creating a more rectangular frame.
  • Earth tones: Several can be combined for a subtle, calm look.
  • White-based outfits: The starkness can be toned down with a little brown or navy.
  • Solid colors: Prints and patterns are taking a backseat to solids this season.
  • Two-color stripes: Simple and bold stripes are trending over thinner or multi-colored options.

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J Kent Erickson
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