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What’s Great about Gabardine

Born in the middle ages and refined with current textile techniques, gabardine has come of age with surprising elegance. Originally intended for outerwear such as traveling cloaks, today gabardine is a refined, elegant fabric for a variety of purposes. In more modern times, gabardine has clothed adventurers and trendsetters as they traveled to such exotic locations as Antarctica and Mount Everest. Gabardine combines the strength and durability of a tightly-woven twill with a more supple hand than many other twills. The twisted weave that is gabardine’s signature element creates micro-ridges that allow light to almost bend around it, giving it a soft, almost luminous look. The fabric’s luxurious feel will complement the finer pieces in your wardrobe without looking overly formal. This fabric is also a fantastic choice for business-casual trousers. Gabardine’s durability stacks up well next to the twilled cotton that is today’s most common choice for casual trousers, while retaining...

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Sophisticated Sportswear

Today’s casual business clothing is not limited to the traditional dark slacks or khakis with sport coat or blazer. Current options include sophisticated sportswear that maintains your individual style while allowing you to dress down. First, consider pairing a custom sport shirt with a cashmere or merino sweater. High-quality fabrics and fibers offer an undeniably classy look and feel to your clothing, including your sportswear. If the weather requires outerwear, a tailored casual sport jacket crafted from a heavier fabric can offer you a great-fitting outer layer. This approach works well with traditional tweed fabrics, giving you both a timeless appeal and a custom fit in your casual outerwear. Next, bring in a pair of tailored flannel or twill trousers to give you perfect comfort and style throughout the day without the informality of jeans. Custom-made trousers can be crafted to your exact specifications and taste. Finally, select high-performing accessories that coordinate with your...

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Suiting Fabrics For Fall 2012: Vintage Look, Modern Fabrics

This fall, look for suiting fabrics that call to mind the traditional textiles of yesteryear, with modern twists. The updated offerings combine the durability of time-honored autumn clothing with fresh innovations that work in contemporary urban life. Heritage fabrics, such as twills and tweeds, speak of a refined country past. This year, many textile mills are bringing back those rugged suiting fabrics and updating them for modern gentlemen. Many designers are combining the strength of classic weaves with irregular finishes and varying yarn types and weights to bring a fresh look to fall suits. Varying the yarn types and thicknesses creates irregular surfaces that add visual interest. The update to fall fabrics isn't limited to the yarns. Traditional herringbone and tweed weaves are changing scale, offering a greater variety of print sizes than seen earlier, while remaining true to the classic autumn browns, russets, creams, and tans. Mills are also creating new fabric...

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