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Tracking The Trends: Fall and Winter 2014

We keep an eye on designers’ trends for men’s fashion, and a few common elements are emerging for Fall and Winter 2014. While classic clothing of true style form the basis of a strong custom wardrobe, keeping in touch with the current offerings can help you keep your look fresh. Some developments worth noting are: Monochromatic ensembles. The darker colors of winter are tending toward single-toned looks. Some designers have focused on dark greens, while others favor black with white accents. Slim slacks. Crisp trousers, reminiscent of the early to mid 1960’s, are heavily featured this fall. A pleasing visual contrast is being made by pairing trim trousers with a boxier gym or weekend bag. Orange accent. We’re seeing designers couple items in brilliant shades of orange with dark neutrals. Adding orange to an outfit in grays is a particularly appealing combination. Formal in browns. One forecasted trend calls for formal clothing, which has...

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Pitti Uomo Spring 2014 Lineup

We took a sneak peek at the reports from the Pitti Uomo trade show’s Spring 2014 lineup in Florence, Italy, and found a few trends that deserve a look. Spring themes are nostalgic this year, with multiple references to turn-of-the-century (19th century, that is) ideas of outdoor adventure, including classic items reminiscent of African safari-wear. Fabric choices are mixing, with linens being paired with more casual fabrics for an air of comfortable elegance. Seasonal colors to watch are those based on natural—but brilliant—hues this season, including lush, verdant greens and deep-water blues with fiery red accents....

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