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Principles of the Wallet

Unlike its predecessors, the wallet of today doesn’t need to hold a myriad of tiny family photos, store credit cards, and paper receipts. However, even with all the changes in what people carry with them, wallets are not obsolete—they offer a safe home for your essentials, protecting them from the wear and tear of traveling with you each day. Choosing a Wallet When you’re selecting your next wallet, consider these points: A slim wallet will not create unsightly bulk when carried in a pocket. Top-grain leather gives long-lasting durability with premium visual appeal. Make sure your wallet has only the essential card pockets, as these add layers of cloth and leather. Keep only the essentials in your wallet; carry larger or rarely used items in a briefcase or travel bag. The color of leather is not of primary importance, but you may opt to coordinate your wallet with your belt and shoes. Wearing a Wallet The best place...

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