Principles of the Wallet

Principles of the Wallet

Unlike its predecessors, the wallet of today doesn’t need to hold a myriad of tiny family photos, store credit cards, and paper receipts. However, even with all the changes in what people carry with them, wallets are not obsolete—they offer a safe home for your essentials, protecting them from the wear and tear of traveling with you each day.

Choosing a Wallet

When you’re selecting your next wallet, consider these points:

  • A slim wallet will not create unsightly bulk when carried in a pocket.
  • Top-grain leather gives long-lasting durability with premium visual appeal.
  • Make sure your wallet has only the essential card pockets, as these add layers of cloth and leather.
  • Keep only the essentials in your wallet; carry larger or rarely used items in a briefcase or travel bag.
  • The color of leather is not of primary importance, but you may opt to coordinate your wallet with your belt and shoes.

Wearing a Wallet

The best place for your wallet is your suit coat. When that’s not an option, place your wallet in the front pocket of your trousers or in a carry-all bag. Even wearing a slim wallet in your rear trousers pocket wears out the wallet and the trousers’ fabric.

Caring for a Wallet

All leather requires periodic care to remain in top condition. Use a gentle leather cleaner and conditioning cream to keep your leather wallet soft, supple, and clean.

J Kent Erickson
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