Shoe Sole Material: Rubber vs. Leather

Shoe Sole Material: Rubber vs. Leather

I received this question from a reader:

When I’m shopping for shoes, are rubber or leather soles better?

This is what I shared with them:

Both leather and rubber soles have their advantages. Many gentlemen prefer the classic visual appeal of leather soles. This traditional choice offers an elegance unmatched by man-made materials. However, rubber soles are usually longer lasting, especially when worn in humid or rainy climates.

When deciding which type of shoe sole material best meets your needs, you may find that neither is the clear winner. Instead, you may choose to own a pair or two of each, giving you options for different occasions and environments. Wear the leather soles in dressier occasions, and the rubber soles when you’ll be spending a larger portion of your time outside or traveling.

J Kent Erickson
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