Formal Attire

Options In Formal Wear

Options in Formal wear are governed by an established set of style guidelines, and many gentlemen prefer their tuxedo to be traditional in every detail. However, others desire to create their own signature look with formal attire. If you find yourself looking to customize your tuxedo, the following customization options in formal wear can help you make your tuxedo truly your own. LAPELS: While peak lapels are the most common, and a singular option choice for style purists, excellent results in personal style can be obtained with your choice of a well-crafted shawl collar or even elegantly designed notched lapels. COLORS: White or black is always appropriate for formal settings, but you can mix and match: consider creating an ivory dinner jacket styled with a shawl collar. The jacket may be paired with black tuxedo trousers. Your shirt may also be either black or white - as may your tie. Creating an...

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Custom-Tailored Tuxedo: Rich Tradition, Modern Elegance

The tuxedo we all know and love just turned 150 years old. Designed as a short dinner jacket, the tuxedo was born in the era of smoking jackets and top hats-but unlike its contemporaries, the tuxedo's place in modern society remains undiminished. Even in our far more casual, modern world, elegant events still call for the stylish grace of the tuxedo. Wearing your custom-tailored tuxedo allows you to bring your unique sense of style to your formalwear-and helps make sure you look fantastic during formal occasions. Although most men do not wear a tuxedo as frequently as a business suit, even a few formal occasions can warrant investing in a custom tailored tuxedo. When designing your tuxedo, consider: Lapels- Peak lapels are classic on a tuxedo. Notched collars are less dressy than peak lapels. A satin shawl collar brings added shine to the ensemble. Tie-Wear a bow tie with...

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