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Falling in Love with New Fabric Options

The new fall fabrics are now available, and they include fibers with earthy, touchable appeal. The current trends are for fabrics with a “rural” or “raw” feel to the fabric finish. Look for textiles with earthy textures inspired by the natural world. These include fabrics with irregular weave patterns or multiple textures. Some options have a “grainy” feel to the fibers, which adds a rustic texture perfect for the natural changes taking place during autumn. Bamboo fabrics are gaining in prominence. These natural fibers are pliable and breathable, yet durable and long-wearing. Plaids are large-scaled, with an open feel to the spacing. Look for rustic check patterns, such as variations on Burberry-type plaids. Many fall offerings are indulging in a dusty color palette of pastels with a nature-based look. Whether you’re looking to freshen your autumn wardrobe by selecting several new ties, creating your next custom suit, or designing personalized shirts, this season’s...

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Check, Please!

Checked shirts are one of this season’s favorites—but they’ve changed since the last time they were this prevalent. Along with the micro-checks that came to the front of fashion recently, many designers are offering larger-scale checks than in years past, for a bold, confident look. Checked shirts can be comfortably paired with a solid, stripe, or contrasting-patterned tie for a great effect. Just be sure to keep the colors coordinated with each other, and vary the scale of the patterns. For example, if you’re wearing a light blue shirt with a larger check, consider a dark blue tie with a thin stripe or smaller check....

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Checkered, Checked, Checks (& Balances)

Many businessmen hesitate to choose checked shirts, keeping to the more traditional solids and stripes. However, with foresight, there is no need to avoid this wardrobe-extending choice. When choosing a checked shirt, the choice of tie pattern can be critical. The tie's print, whether solid, striped, or patterned, should complement the shirt print by offering a visual change of pace. Pairing similar patterns, whether both are large or both small, in tie and shirt can create a feeling of heaviness. Instead, try out combinations with alternating patterns. Tightly-checked shirts require a larger tie pattern, while large checks can support a small, busier print. Colors can be similarly brought into balance. Rather than limiting your choices to single shades of colors, harmonize the tones. The "seasonal" color scheme may help you decide if a certain red or blue is compatible with your shirt and suit tones, as fall or summer colors naturally complement...

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