Checkered, Checked, Checks (& Balances)

Checkered, Checked, Checks (& Balances)

CheckeredMany businessmen hesitate to choose checked shirts, keeping to the more traditional solids and stripes. However, with foresight, there is no need to avoid this wardrobe-extending choice.

When choosing a checked shirt, the choice of tie pattern can be critical. The tie’s print, whether solid, striped, or patterned, should complement the shirt print by offering a visual change of pace. Pairing similar patterns, whether both are large or both small, in tie and shirt can create a feeling of heaviness. Instead, try out combinations with alternating patterns. Tightly-checked shirts require a larger tie pattern, while large checks can support a small, busier print.

Colors can be similarly brought into balance. Rather than limiting your choices to single shades of colors, harmonize the tones. The “seasonal” color scheme may help you decide if a certain red or blue is compatible with your shirt and suit tones, as fall or summer colors naturally complement each other.

A bold shirt, paired with a strong tie, may offer too much visual competition. Rather than pairing warring elements, balance a prominent item with a less pronounced one to allow one piece to create the eye’s focal point.

When choosing ties, try pairing several of them with the shirt, moving them into and out of place quickly to see how your eye reacts. After considering several options, you’ll likely get a feel for which options create a pleasing combination.

Keeping in mind principles of scale, color, and balance can help check shirts become a valuable source of variety in your wardrobe.

J Kent Erickson
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