Style for All Seasons

Style for All Seasons

style for all seasonsFashion fads come and go. Lapels and collars may widen or narrow, fabrics may trend toward light or dark, and trouser hemlines can change course over time. Rather than chase after short-lived concepts, the savvy businessman customizes his suits for his build, sense of personal style, and business habits. This allows his wardrobe to weather the seasonal swings of fashion, and remain in style.

Any particular tailoring decision, no matter how popular, may not be the most flattering to one’s frame. When choosing your suit’s silhouette, we can help you choose a timeless, classic look which will last for years, maximizing your wardrobe investment.

Consider your personal sense of style when fitting a suit: double-breasted suits are generally dressier than their single-breasted counterparts. Coats without a vent are sleeker.

Fabric selection should follow your wearing needs. If you travel frequently in your suits, be sure to select heavy-wearing fabrics. A suit for occasional use can be made of lighter, dressier fabrics.

Keep your wardrobe long-lasting and effective by crafting a suit customized to your needs, not the momentary fads. A fine suit, tailored to your frame and preferences, provides style for all seasons.

J Kent Erickson
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