Daring and Sparing: How to Wear Unusual Colors

Daring and Sparing: How to Wear Unusual Colors

The basics play an important role in a wardrobe, but sometimes you may want to wear unusual colors to add life and vitality to an outfit. When you’re deciding when—and how—to incorporate these colors into your ensemble, keep the following concepts in mind:

  • A little goes a long way. Whether you’re considering lime green or sunshine yellow, be careful not to let it overwhelm the rest of your ensemble. A bright, bold pocket square or tie will usually serve the purpose better than a coat of the same color.
  • Know your purpose. Are you trying to stand out in a job interview or showcase your inner creativity? A wardrobe piece that shows off your fashion savvy at a luncheon with those in a creative industry may not work as well in an interview setting.
  • Keep unusual colors higher on the frame. A violet vest or tie is generally preferable to violet trousers, unless you really crave attention. Then go ahead and wear pink slacks.
  • Pick one item. Avoid overwhelming an outfit with multiple stand-out colors —they’ll fight with each other, which takes the attention off of you and leaves it on your apparel.

No matter what your particular color preferences, you can incorporate fantastic stand-out colors that add zest to your outfit without worrying that your outfit will outshine you.

J Kent Erickson
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