Buying Cheap = Buying Twice

Buying Cheap = Buying Twice

We have all found ourselves tempted to purchase something because of a low price. However, if you buy something you don’t really need because it’s “a deal” or “on sale,” you may find that your impetuous purchase isn’t a good fit for you. Perhaps it’s a color you don’t really care for, or a seasonal fabric that you can’t wear often. It may end up being used only once or twice (or never), and then taking up space unnecessarily.

Later on, when you replace that item with something more useful that actually contributes to your wardrobe options, you’ll find that having to make two purchases cancelled out the savings of buying something inexpensive. Instead of saving money, you’ll have bought twice.

When buying clothing, you may also find that low prices can often mean low quality, including cheaper fabrics that wear out sooner, sloppy detailing, buttons that are not securely fastened, or a poor fit.

Instead of chasing deals, decide what you want, buy exactly that, and it will serve you for years. Creating a wardrobe of long-lasting, high-quality pieces that showcase your individual style is more cost-effective in the long run.

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J Kent Erickson
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