Footwear & Hosiery

Fiber Choices for Socks

The type of fibers in the socks you wear can have a big difference in how comfortable you feel. The scoop on several popular fiber choices for socks: COTTON is affordable and easy to find in a wide variety of colors. Although cotton does not wick moisture away like wool or linen, it is comfortable and cushiony. Socks woven from Sea-island cotton, with its long-staple fiber, offer a soft, silky feel. WOOL is available in a variety of thicknesses, including heavier socks for warmth during cooler weather. Modern wools are itch-free and smooth, while still providing the insulation and breathability that make wool a timeless favorite. CASHMERE delivers the ultimate in sock luxury. The lightweight fibers warm without adding bulk, giving you a good fit and unsurpassed comfort. BLENDS combine the attributes of two types of fibers. Supplementing natural fibers with small amounts of spandex often gives socks better elasticity without sacrificing breathability....

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The Subtleties of Suede Shoes

Back in the day, suede shoes were an Elvis thing, or a fusty-college-professor thing. Suede has come a long way from being blue-or boring. Here are the three C's of selecting and maintaining your suede shoes: Color: For everyday wear, steer clear of novelty shades, and take advantage of the rich, warm tones that suede offers you to create a relaxed, yet elegant, look. Care: Use a waterproof finish and suede eraser to ensure your suede shoes look their best. Brush often. Coordination: Suede works beautifully with fall clothing, including flannel suits, tan trousers, and crisp. ...

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Shoes That Shine: Dress Shoes

There’s more to choosing a pair of dress shoes than making sure their color works for your outfit. Each type of shoe has its own level of dressiness, and will work best within a range of outfits. From casual to dressy, here are a few classic choices: Loafers: Shoes without laces are part of the broad category of loafers (such as penny loafers and moccasins). Less dressy than their laced-up counterparts, loafers can be worn easily with business-casual outfits, lightweight summer suits, and dressier casualwear. Bluchers (open lacing): If the top of the shoe and the tongue are crafted from one piece of leather, a portion of the tongue shows from beneath the laces, giving it an open look (such as wingtips and Derbies). Bluchers are frequently more detailed than both loafers and balmorals. Wear with suits, slacks, and dressier jeans. Balmorals (closed lacing): When the lacing pulls the shoe shut over the tongue...

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