Casual Attire

Achieving the Lived-in Look

While a crisp, clean look is appealing, there are times when you don’t want to look too pressed, too starched, too new. Especially in your custom casual clothing, you may want to create a more lived-in look than your dressier wardrobe pieces offer—without sacrificing on style or fit. Your expertly crafted customwear will look—and feel—as comfortable and familiar as your long-beloved favorites. Your color choices can also help create a more relaxed look. Choose muted earth tones instead of bright, crisp colors. Mossy greens, camel brown, and heathered colors are good options when crafting that subtle lived-in look. Low-contrast plaids and stripes look more relaxed than contrasting colors. Denim is a perennial favorite for crafting the lived-in look. Its color intensity varies sharply with wear, yet denim offers long-lasting durability. Pairing a custom-made shirt in an earth tone with a well-fitting pair of denim jeans instantly gives you an appealing ensemble. Remember that...

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After-Hours: Casual Wear Style

Looking your best doesn’t end with Friday rush-hour traffic. Even when you’re not working, your clothing choices reflect the same sense of personal style and confidence that makes your business attire remarkable. Whether you’re enjoying a dinner party or a night out with the guys, your casual wear wardrobe sets the tone. Dress for the venue—A downtown hotspot requires a little more glam than video night at your best friend’s place. Avoid baggy or too-tight items—Your clothing should fit well, and offer just enough room to move comfortably. Choose dark blue jeans (not light or black)—Avoid extraneous embellishment or faded areas. Step it up from tees—A well-tailored shirt shows off your unique style. Shoes still matter—Scuffed, faded shoes take away from any look. Limit your ensemble to two or three colors—Any more than that looks garish. When in doubt, go black and white—Nothing beats that timeless contrast. When your business clothing is supplemented with stylish mix-and-match casual wear,...

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