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With a closet stocked with well-chosen staples, dressing is nearly effortless. That's why we've compiled this list of basics, to make sure you're stylish from head to toe. Loafers. Get a pair each in black and brown leather and you'll have shoes that coordinate with just about any outfit. Custom suit. If you currently plan on only one custom suit, a dark color will give you the most mix-and-match possibilities. A v-neck sweater. This layering option ensures you'll be comfortable as temperatures change. Dark blue jeans. Ensure your jeans look as elegant as possible by choosing those with a dark, uniform "wash." Custom dress shirts. A fantastic, custom-fit suit deserves several excellent custom shirts. Start with white or blue shirts, and then add in other solid colors and stripes to your taste. A blazer. Traditional navy is always a great option for your custom blazer, but depending on your preferences...

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Shoes That Shine: Dress Shoes

There’s more to choosing a pair of dress shoes than making sure their color works for your outfit. Each type of shoe has its own level of dressiness, and will work best within a range of outfits. From casual to dressy, here are a few classic choices: Loafers: Shoes without laces are part of the broad category of loafers (such as penny loafers and moccasins). Less dressy than their laced-up counterparts, loafers can be worn easily with business-casual outfits, lightweight summer suits, and dressier casualwear. Bluchers (open lacing): If the top of the shoe and the tongue are crafted from one piece of leather, a portion of the tongue shows from beneath the laces, giving it an open look (such as wingtips and Derbies). Bluchers are frequently more detailed than both loafers and balmorals. Wear with suits, slacks, and dressier jeans. Balmorals (closed lacing): When the lacing pulls the shoe shut over the tongue...

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Caring for Fine Footwear

Like man’s best friend, if you love your shoes and take good care of them, you’ll be repaid with years of loyal service.  There’s a huge return on a gentleman’s investment in acquiring and caring for a few pair of fine footwear.  While they may not last a lifetime, with proper care and routine maintenance you can log substantial miles and years in a good pair of shoes. Pointers for extending the life of your loafers or beefing up the performance of your brogues: Invest in the best footwear you can afford, and re-sole and re-heel them as necessary, just like routine maintenance on your automobile.  Regular tune-ups and even re-crafting over time will restore and extend the youthful vigor of your favorite shoes.  Acquire and wear the right shoes for each occasion. Always rotate your shoes, allowing at least a day of rest between wearings.   Let them rest on a good pair...

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