All About Trousers

All About Trousers

All About TrousersTell people about your slacks, and they’ll figure you’re fairly casual. Tell them about your pants, and they’ll figure you’re indifferent. Tell people about your trousers, and they’ll know you’ve got style.

Your trousers should rest comfortably on the hips, neither rising so high that they cover the abdomen nor sitting so low that they need to be cinched tight to stay on.

Secure them either with the aid of a belt or suspenders (you can call them braces). Braces ensure your trousers stay in place when you switch between sitting and standing. If you opt for braces, choose a set that attaches to the trousers with buttons rather than metal clips.

Using a belt offers a clean, crisp look. The belt may need to occasionally be lifted when your trousers have settled too low, but keeps a lower visual profile than braces.

Your individual style should determine whether your custom trousers use a pleated front or a flat front. Pleats allow for easier movement, while a flat front creates a more streamlined look. While the swings of fashion vary, neither is ever a right or wrong choice-you create the look that works best for you.

Customize your trouser length to ensure adequate coverage of the socks without extra fabric sagging at the ankles. Many gentlemen prefer a half or full break over their shoes, so that the sock doesn’t show when walking.

Whether you opt for braces or a belt, pleated or flat fronts, customize your trousers for a fantastic look.

J Kent Erickson
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