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With a closet stocked with well-chosen staples, dressing is nearly effortless. That's why we've compiled this list of basics, to make sure you're stylish from head to toe. Loafers. Get a pair each in black and brown leather and you'll have shoes that coordinate with just about any outfit. Custom suit. If you currently plan on only one custom suit, a dark color will give you the most mix-and-match possibilities. A v-neck sweater. This layering option ensures you'll be comfortable as temperatures change. Dark blue jeans. Ensure your jeans look as elegant as possible by choosing those with a dark, uniform "wash." Custom dress shirts. A fantastic, custom-fit suit deserves several excellent custom shirts. Start with white or blue shirts, and then add in other solid colors and stripes to your taste. A blazer. Traditional navy is always a great option for your custom blazer, but depending on your preferences...

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The Classic Khaki Suit

Khaki, or tan, is best known as the color of choice for casual trousers and military uniforms, but it’s also a fantastic way to create an air of relaxed elegance. Instead of limiting your use of tan fabric to Fridays or weekends, consider crafting a sophisticated custom suit out of this appealing color. A cotton khaki suit never looks like it’s trying too hard. It brings a comfortable nonchalance to your business wardrobe. It also offers a great opportunity to try out a variety of new colors and textures in your shirts and ties that work well with the softer feel of cotton. During warm weather, the breathability of cotton can be a lifesaver in the heat, as can a tropical light-weight worsted wool.  Pair your suit with tan, brown, or burgundy shoes instead of black for all-around style. To create a sleek look, consider selecting peak lapels and a single button for...

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Khaki Slacks Go Custom

Khaki began as a color—the dusty shade of the Indian desert—used by the British army in the 1800s to camouflage their previously white trousers. When applied to the cotton twill “chino” military fabric, the color and the style of slacks became synonymous. Khaki slacks are considered one of the most hard-working options in casual wear, but they never have to be average. Crafting custom-fit khakis specifically to your taste and build takes the ordinary to extraordinary. We can help you design your ideal pair of workhorse slacks, whether you prefer a flat front and a trim fit or a pleated front with a full fit—or anything in between. Contact us today to create your ultimate pair of khakis....

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