Summer Fabrics for 2012

Summer Fabrics for 2012

Summer Fabrics 2012Reinvigorate your summer wardrobe with an infusion of updated dress shirts. The fresh colors, textures, and patterns for 2012 offer your summer suit a wide array of appealing options and looks.

Shades of summer: Let your everyday white or blue dress shirts take a backseat this season to shirts that simmer with summer color. Try a pale violet or lime green to add pizzazz to your image. Just be sure to wear a toned-down tie, to avoid overwhelming your outfit with color.

Get texturized: Your shirt’s texture adds not only to its comfort and durability, but also to its eye appeal. Look for summer shirts that create a great feel, or “hand,” through the variations in the weave that add visual depth to the fabric.

Fine patterns: Summer patterned shirt fabrics are going subtle this year. Look for mini-checks or fine stripes to add interest to your seasonal dress shirts. You can keep strong check or stripe colors from dominating the shirt by picking out a secondary color for your tie and pocket square.

J Kent Erickson
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