Choosing Shirt Collars

Choosing Shirt Collars

Choosing Your CollarThe best type of collar for you is the collar that creates a flattering, powerful look-and that look depends on many factors, including your physical build, the occasion, and your personality. Here are a few common styles to consider when choosing shirt collars for your custom shirts:

  • Straight collar. Thinner ties are at home with a straight collar. The straight collar is the most prevalent choice in menswear, as its simplicity creates elegance and professionalism without calling attention to itself.
  • Button-down collar. This collar is the most casual choice for your shirts, and can be easily worn with a sweater or sport coat. Avoid wearing a button-down collar with a double-breasted suit.
  • Tab collar. A tab collar not only keeps the points of the collar from moving out of position, it pushes the tie knot out slightly, giving it an appealing shape and prominence.
  • Spread collar. If you prefer thick ties with a substantial knot, a spread collar will give the tie plenty of room to breathe without looking crowded.

    Spread collars also add width to a thin face or neck. One variation is the Wide spread (British spread) collar. This collar places the points even farther apart than does the spread collar. It works well with heavier, bulkier tie knots. It’s not recommended for those seeking to minimize a thicker neck or face, but can create a classic British style when paired with a substantial tie.

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