Custom Guidance from Your Custom Clothier

Custom Guidance from Your Custom Clothier

Each gentleman has his own circumstances, goals, and individual style. Our aim, as a custom clothier, is to enable each of our clients to create a wardrobe that will work hard to help him meet his goals and express his unique taste. To accomplish that, we work hard during your consultations to ensure you consider several important factors.

Throughout our conversations we will help you to discover whether you prefer Italian, English, or American style sensibilities, as that will usually inform your tailoring choices. We’ll also discuss which custom items are your current priority. For some gentlemen, it could be suits, while others need to focus on trousers, coats, shirts, or a focal point item, such as an “odd vest.”

When you set your budget, we can help you consider how long each type of custom clothing tends to last, as well as how many of that item category you’ll need.

We are careful to schedule enough time for consultations so that we can understand your exact requirements. We know that, much like at the barber, your satisfaction with the results depends on the clear communication of expectations between parties. We also take the time necessary for excellent fittings. This part of the process is essential in crafting a garment that fits you perfectly.

We customize our guidance during each stage of our work process, because it’s our mission to clothe you with excellence.

J Kent Erickson
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